Teddy Bears

"You made this?!  It is adorable." 

Prices include tax and shipping (kit includes bear, yarn, buttons, pattern and gift tag) 

17 results
Light Blue, orange trim, light orange polka dot buttons
Orange, light blue trim, blue flower polka dot buttons
Light blue with kaki trim and round, brown polka dot buttons
Light green, blue trim, blue polka dot flower buttons
Red, navy trim, round navy polka dot buttons
Medium green, purple trim, round purple polka dot buttons
Pink with Dark pink trim and pink polka dot round buttons--heart pattern
White Bear with pink trim and pink flower buttons
Chocolate brown, red trim and red round buttons--heart pattern
Yellow with orange trim and yellow polka dot flower buttons
White with light blue trim and blue polka dot round buttons
Green with navy trim and brown polka dot round buttons
Black with kaki trim and brown polka dot round buttons
Pink with green trim and light pink polka dot flower buttons
Medium blue with dark purple trim and purple polka dot flower buttons
Purple, light blue trim with purple polka dot flower buttons
JUST pattern, yarn and buttons?  You don't need the bear?